Life resting in life.

Life resting in life.

A little over twenty years ago I was in Kathmandu, exploring the outskirts of the city one day I visited an extraordinary place, Budhanilkantha Temple, in the centre of which is a large pool of water, in the middle of that rests a huge statue of a deity reclining on a bed of serpents, it was Vishnu.

The legend around it is that a farmer found it buried in a field while ploughing a few miles away and that it was then moved to this location, where it actually floats on the water.

The 1400 year old Vishnu sculpture is carved from Basalt, a light volcanic rock. and it’s never been proven that it doesn’t float!

Something of the characteristics attributed to Mahavishnu himself can be seen in this, he too lies somewhat hidden, until we chance upon him, floating upon the ocean of existence.

These are the hidden qualities of life that we often overlook, the supportive, nurturing intelligence that underpins absolutely everything.

This is as true for ourselves and the external, we may think that we conciouslly control the whole show, but there is something else going on, just think of when your asleep, like Vishnu, something beyond the concious mind is directing every single function in the body.

Sometimes its hard for us to appreciate this, in the midst of a busy day we think, we’re doing, this, this, that and that, jumping from one task to another, but do we even control that?

During orher occasions we can perhaps perceive something else.

Ar this time of year we all naturally move into a more relaxed pace, we associate the summer with time off and getting away on holidays, the environment becomes a bit quieter with fewer vehicles on the roads with schools and employees being off.

It is in this time of slowing down that we maybe get more of a sense of being as opposed to doing.

This is very beneficial when you contrast this to other periods of the year when everything takes off.
It has been well measured that under very restful conditions, the human body and mind can restore, rejuvenate and heal itself much better, just like it also does in deep sleep.

Therefore this period is really beneficial as a time to restore before life takes us off into busier rhythms in the autumn. This nurturing, supportive nature is present all the time, it exists within everything, it is what keeps life spinning quite literally.It is easier to feel this in these periods of downtime, and noticing it like this, it continues on beyond this.

As well as these practical benefits, maybe you can feel something of this nature of Vishnu in yourself and everything else, life resting and floating upon and within its own self in this moment.


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Life resting in life.

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