Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra.

The yoga practitioner is usually associated with having a serenity and equanimity, these qualities are often described in various texts as the hallmarks of the yogi/yogini. Much of this arises from not just their practice, but also from their vision and understanding of the nature of life. The philosophical and theoretical content of Yoga recognises the […]

Spontaneous meditation.

  In the Shiva Swarodaya, an ancient Tantric text on the breath, prana and its flow,  it is noted that the meditative state occurs naturally at the time of sunrise and sunset. Perhaps this is not surprising when you think of how we relate to those times of the day, when we marvel at life’s […]

Turning our response around.

In Tantra, the practitioner often finds a way to take what the general public avoids or recoils from and turns them around in such a way that it is used to liberate them, so that the divine may be found in it, that the most sought of state is discovered within it. In some texts and […]

The Hatha Yoga Lineage

When drawn towards a teacher or school of yoga, its credentials and lineage are of great relevance and value. Someone who has immersed themselves in Yoga is what we could consider as well cooked. Shandor, the disseminator of Shadow/Chaya Yoga who I recently had the opportunity to study with, is no exception. Having studied yoga since […]


In the texts of yoga and Ayurveda, Soma is described as a divine nectar, that if embibed, gives, youthfulness, immortality and numerous other eternally sought qualities. Although, often mentioned in esoteric terms and in complex practices, we can experience it quite directly. We can regard Soma as bliss, the bliss of our existence. In Yogic thinking, […]

A new perspective.

Its easy to realise how beneficial it is to change our perspective, quite often if we have a problem we are told to look at things in a new light, this indication is very present in Yoga itself. We tend to forget that a lot of our ideas and views are based upon those we […]

Restoring the inner fire.

In Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda the concept of the Tattwas, the elements in all of existence is central to the framework and understanding of the many strands of our lives and selves. Within these elements, Agni,the fire element is of major significance, it sits in a central position in Tantric practice, Ayurveda’s view on our health […]

Deepening your Yoga practice Workshop, Saturday August 3rd.

Creating a regular, home yoga practice, transforms your experience and study of Yoga, giving you an amazing tool for self sustainability and general wellbeing.  The day will include an enlivening morning session and a more relaxing, restorative  afternoon practice. There will be discourse on the integration of a yoga practice into your life via an exploration of […]

Ayurveda and Yoga, your own constitution and the three modes of nature.

The nature of studying with many international Yoga teachers, often means travel and journeys to coincide with where their schedule brings them. Thankfully I’ve always enjoyed this aspect of my continual broadening and deepening of yoga knowledge and have gotten to travel to some great locations over the years. This year has been no exception and […]

The Hridayam and intuition.

As we’d left planning our Easter break to the last minute this year, we had almost given up the idea of going anywhere, then decided on a location a day before leaving due to a friend’s suggestions, found our accommodation by chance when we got there and discovered this beautiful beach while driving about. It […]