Workshop Offerings

Workshops and talks are presented on occasions, some of the previous subjects for these have been:
Developing a personal practice, a workshop exploring the foundations and principles necessary to build a daily Yoga practice:

  • The Sun and the Moon, an examination of the symbolism and characteristics of the sun and moon in Hatha Yoga, looking at the polarity of left and right within ourselves, the three main Nadis.
  • Tattwas, the five Elements, the place of the Tattwas in Yoga and Tantra as the building blocks of manifestation and their presence as the origin of the chakra system, Vayus, Doshas etc.
  •  The Chakra System, the seven major chakras explored through Asana, Mantra and Yantras.
  •  Subtle Anatomy, the Pranic bodies, Prana and Nadis.
  •  Exploring Yogic Philosophy, a series of talks investigating the philosophy of Yoga via several Yogic and Vedantic texts.
  •  The Yoga Sutras, a series of talks and discussions over four weeks, exploring the four chapters of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.
  •  The Bhagavad Gita, a number of evenings exploring the Gita through discourse and discussion.
  •  The eight limbs of Yoga, looking t the practical application of the eight limbs of Yoga from the Yoga Sutras.
  • Yoga and Meditation, examining the fundamental nature of Yoga as a means of creating the meditative state.
  •  Yoga and creativity, a set of three classes exploring Yoga as the means of tapping into our creativity.

Deepening your Yoga practice,

Saturday 3rd August 2019

10AM – 3.30PM

Creating a regular, home yoga practice, transforms your experience and study of Yoga, giving you an amazing tool for self sustainability and general wellbeing.
 The day will include an enlivening morning session and a more relaxing, restorative  afternoon practice. There will be discourse on the integration of a yoga practice into your life via an exploration of the history, origins and essence of the yoga class style practice that we find in of the modern world.
 We will examine creating your own self practice, making this personal and flexible so as to accommodate the day to day change in ourselves and our environment, with reference to your Prakriti (Ayurvedic constitution) and Gunas (three modes of nature). This will leave you the tools to replicate at home, there will  also be a short yantra practice( a tantra drawing meditation), a light lunch, two written and drawn self practices to bring home and plenty of time for questions and answers. This will give you the tools to replicate all this at home,
Places are limited so as to ensure a quality immersion, so pre booking is essential.
Venue: The Yoga Room, Old Cookhouse Community Space, Donaghcloney.
10AM – 3.30PM    Cost £30.


The Tantric Origins of Modern Hatha Yoga

4 August 2018


The medieval hatha yoga texts such as the Hatha Pradapika, Siva Samhita and Gerhanda Samhita, were innovative as they provided the individual with practical ways to Yoga.


These deeply influenced the shape of our modern yoga practice, especially via the Krishnamacharya lineage. This workshop will  involve an exploration and direct experience of their main themes such as asana, pranayama, pratyahara, bandha, the mantra and yantra of the breath, the subtle body, dhyana and samadhi. As well as understanding the roots of your own personal yoga practice.

The workshop is suitable for any student eager to add depth to their personal understanding and practice of yoga.

DATE: Saturday 4th August

TIME: 10am – 1pm

COST: £25 

Book Online via Santosha


Restoring Balance Through Yoga Workshop – Bruce & Wendy, Santosha Yoga Studio, Market Square, Lisburn. 21 April 2018

A google search of “how to find balance in your life” brings up 332,000,000 results. And yet we still have trouble finding it.

All of us have a desire to find balance, from trying to achieve a work life balance, to making decisions from a place of balance.

A daily Yoga practice is the most direct way to restore the balance that is already present in ourselves and life.

This workshop will examine asana and pranayama (moving and breathing), mantra(sound), yantra (visual image) and mudra (hand gesture) using the teachings of T Krishnamacharya and tantric practices learnt from our teachers.

This will give you the means to develop and maintain a daily self practice to restore balance to your body so you can relate with the world around you from a place of calm and steadiness.

The workshop is suitable for everyone from complete beginners to those who regularly participate in Yoga.

Date: Saturday 21st April

Time: 10am -1pm

Investment: £30

Book online via Santosha,

S U R Y A & C H A N D R A
Most of us are familiar with the term Hatha yoga. Hatha is the union of the Sun and moon, masculine and feminine, left and right, above and below. These polarities are present within not just the external world, but also within us, in our body, mind and breath.
In this workshop we will look at how we can recognize, integrate and connect these qualities, via the philosophy of yoga and Tantra and the practice of asana, pranayama, mantra and yantra.
This workshop will allow both new and established practitioners and teachers to both integrate these subtleties into their regular practice, and to draw a deeper experience of wholeness from it.
Join Bruce White & Wendy McGregor on Saturday 28th January for “Surya & Chandra.”
Venue; Flow Studio Belfast
52 Hill street Belfast
Date Saturday 28th January 2 –5PM
Cost £30.
Book online through Flow Belfast.

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