Happy New Year!

At this time of the year, much attention goes towards new years resolutions and changes of habit, no doubt Christmas excesses, the awareness of the depths of winter and lack of light,remind us of the need to be symbolically reborn.
Yoga recognises that this process of birth and rebirth, that is very visible in a lifetime, or over the seasons in twelve months, also occurs each day, each moment and even with each breath. The very breath itself, having creation in an inhalation and dissolution in an exhalation.
Sometimes our new years resolutions involve massive changes, upheavals or revolutions compared to how life has been. However Yoga and Ayurveda would suggest gradual changes, an evolution rather than a revolution. These sciences suggest its easier and more comfortable to move with the greater cycles of nature around us, in nature, things mostly evolve, taking a considerable length of time to grow, it’s revolutions such as storms, volcanoes and earthquakes are fairly traumatic events.
So perhaps our necessary changes can be a gradual evolution, two cups of coffee a day rather than four, a fifteen minute daily Yoga practice as opposed to none, starting one new class a week. Done this way, it becomes easy to gradually drop another cup of coffee, do an extra ten minutes in our daily practice, go to a second Yoga class a week. With this gradual change, we can look back after six months or a year and see that things have really evolved without it seeming like a massive undertaking.
So I wish you all a very happy and auspicious new year, and hope that any new undertakings or further steps in your personal evolution and unfolding, will be successful and pleasant.
Hari Om Tat Sat.

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