Simple solutions

One of the revelations that someone may have about the practice of Yoga is it’s simplicity, both in practice and philosophy.
We have grown up in a paradigm where things have to be complex, the reasons behind phenomena have to be complex, when they may actually be obvious and uncomplicated.

Often this complexity is extolled as if this is a sign of its superiority, meanwhile simplicity is viewed as, well, simple, lesser.

Of course, frequently satisfaction arises from the simple things, the solutions to problems are straightforward. A late uncle of mine was a mechanic who I often called whenever I was having an issue with whatever car ( or old banger!) I had at the time, often thinking the worst, and anticipating the bill, he would stop me in my tracks and say, “always look for the simple solution” and he was right, most often it was an easy fix. But in our approach to modern life we over complicate and often over dramatise matters.

Yoga and its sister science Ayurveda begin by looking for the most obvious, straightforward remedy for issues and situations.

For many difficulties we may have with, body, mind or life, the reason behind it is often present in our lifestyle, daily activities and regime.

This is how Ayurveda works, its first intervention is simply looking at ones lifestyle and seeing if changes can be made in it to rectify any inbalance that might be causing problems.

Often changing diet, sleep, work and activity patterns and attitude can remedy a host of common issues.

We can see this in yoga, that indicates that some of our biggest problems come from how we look at things, perceive and react.
In fact this is where it and Ayurveda meet, as Charaka states in the Charaka Samhira, one of the key, classic texts on Ayurveda, that if one clearly understands the nature of reality, the nature of the self, then all problems can be solved

This simple solution, understanding that all of existence is the one, vibrant, intelligence and energy, everywhere, always…OM


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Simple solutions

One of the revelations that someone may have about the practice of Yoga is it’s simplicity, both in practice and…

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