Studying with the Mohans, August 2018.

I’m very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have recently studied with A.G. and Indra Mohan. The Mohan’s are two of TKV Krishnamacharya’s longest standing students, A.G having studied with him from 1971 -1989 and Indra being one of the few people to receive a post-graduate diploma from him. Over the years they have taught and trained countless others in Yoga and Yoga therapy, and A.G. has authored several books and commentaries on Yoga.
Not surprisingly as students of the great Krishnamacharya, celebrated as the father of modern Yoga, their teaching, extent of knowledge and experience is both weighty and deeply insightful. Their presentations on Yoga for mental and emotional steadiness was mainly based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the 2500 year old text which continues to bring clarity to Yoga practitioners to this day.
The Yoga Sutras was the first classical Yoga text that I encountered, I bought a copy from a second hand bookshop in Belfast over twenty years ago, and as I sat down that night and began to read it, I was blown away by the clarity and insight it provided into the human condition, especially the nature, conditioning and workings of the mind.
The Mohan’s combined these teachings with both practical applications, and asana and pranayama practice, the stillness and clarity this created was profound, even though their teaching and practice is conveyed in such a straightforward and simple fashion, free of complication. The striking fact about their presentation was recognizing how these timeless teachings can be made accessible and beneficial to anyone, regardless of background, location or any other factor. I have seen the Yoga Sutras often referred to as Yoga’s greatest gift to humanity, and their conveying of the essence of the Sutras fully supported this.

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