Deepening your Yoga practice Workshop, Saturday August 3rd.

Creating a regular, home yoga practice, transforms your experience and study of Yoga, giving you an amazing tool for self sustainability and general wellbeing.
 The day will include an enlivening morning session and a more relaxing, restorative  afternoon practice. There will be discourse on the integration of a yoga practice into your life via an exploration of the history, origins and essence of the yoga class style practice that we find in of the modern world.
 We will examine creating your own self practice, making this personal and flexible so as to accommodate the day to day change in ourselves and our environment, with reference to your Prakriti (Ayurvedic constitution) and Gunas (three modes of nature). This will leave you the tools to replicate at home, there will  also be a short yantra practice( a tantra drawing meditation), a light lunch, two written and drawn self practices to bring home and plenty of time for questions and answers. This will give you the tools to replicate all this at home,
Places are limited so as to ensure a quality immersion, so pre booking is essential.
Venue: The Yoga Room, Old Cookhouse Community Space, Donaghcloney.
10AM – 3.30PM    Cost £30.


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