We are what we eat.

The deepening your yoga practice workshop is now fully booked and I’m very much looking forward to delivering it next weekend. The photo gives a tantalising glimpse of the lunch for the workshop, which my brother Derek is providing, all of which is grown with much care and love, organically in his garden.
Yoga indicates that we are comprised of five different layers. or sheaths, the pancha koshas, physical, mental, energetic etc. The physical layer is annamaya kosha, literally the food layer, perhaps no surprise when we consider the old saying , you are what we eat. The yogic texts have always mentioned that our diet has a massive influence on us, both immediately and in relation to how we are forming and creating ourselves in the future.
Therefore food which is fresh, light, pleasant to see and tastes and smells good and is easy to digest is that which sits best with us. Food of this nature allows us to embody similar qualities of lightness, clarity, comfort, pleasure and ease.
Bringing such consideration into your diet is an integral part of a yoga practice.
Even Observing your diet over a few days will give you some insight upon how the quantity, quality and type of food we consume has a massive effect upon your body, mind and experience.

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