Yoga weekend retreat in the Green, Kilkeel, County Down, September 2019.

Continual change is a certainty in life and this is recognised by and central within the philosophy and understanding of yoga. So as we move into August, we can see some of summers characteristics change and the gradual appearance of some of the qualities that we associate with autumn.

Sometimes actions that support and recognise this transition are of benefit to us, again this is a central tenent in Ayurveda and yoga. Making the movement from summers externalisation to autumns internal nature is beneficial on both the physical and mental levels.
 We are very excited and looking forward to delivering the retreat in the Green holiday cottages Kilkell. This three day immersion from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon is a brilliant means to both make this transition as well as refreshing and gathering ones energy as we move into autumn.
The weekend starts on Friday, when you will be welcomed by, Jenny, owner of the Green Holiday cottages, Wendy and myself. You will be shown
to your beautiful accommodation, and have time to unpack, relax, and take in the wonderful surroundings at The
Green Holiday Cottages.
There will be five Yoga practices during the weekend. Each practice will be related to one of the five elements, earth,
water, fire, air and space, which Yoga views as being integral to all of life, ourselves and the world around us. The
environment itself lends itself very well to this. You will have the opportunity to both experience the effects of the
elements through your Yoga, as well as fully immersing yourself in their physical forms in the surroundings of The
Green Holiday Cottages.
Friday evening will be spent chatting over a delicious meal, followed by a restful, grounding practice. The theme of
the class will be the first of the five elements; Earth, connecting with the supporting, nourishing qualities of our
Saturday morning Yoga will start at 10am. Sure have a nice lie in, move slowly, none of the usual routine of up and
out to work. In your Yoga on Saturday morning we will be exploring water. Taking advantage of the river that flows
through the Green. This will be a flowing practice, just like the river. And maybe go for a paddle or swim if you are up
for it. Lunch will be from 12 -2.
Saturday afternoon Yoga session 2 pm – 4pm will be around the element of Fire. This practice, will reignite the inner
fires, vigour for life, brighten the eyes, and mind.
5pm will be a communal pizza making using the outdoor pizza ovens. Something different, especially if you have
never tried it before.
7pm to continue with the fire element, weather permitting we will light the fire pit and chill.
There’s nothing more therapeutic than staring into the heart of a fire. watching the flames dance, feeling the heat,
and absorbing it’s wonderful qualities.
On Sunday morning, we will start a little earlier at 9.30am. In this Yoga session we will be using the qualities of the
fourth element air. The energising, receiving, strengthening and relaxing qualities. And of course getting out in the
fresh clear, fragrant air that the Green offers.
Lunch will be from 12 – 1pm.
Then the final Yoga session will be Space. A chance to tap into your own innate freedom and clarity, both within
yourself and in the space that is so tangible around the Mourne mountains.
3pm close of weekend. Leave with a few new skills and perhaps a little wisdom on how you can use everything that is
already within you and all that nature freely offers you to maintain, support and keep you connected to a sense of
balance, and approach the world around you in a steady and relaxed way.

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