In the texts of yoga and Ayurveda, Soma is described as a divine nectar, that if embibed, gives, youthfulness, immortality and numerous other eternally sought qualities. Although, often mentioned in esoteric terms and in complex practices, we can experience it quite directly.

We can regard Soma as bliss, the bliss of our existence. In Yogic thinking, if Soma meets the consciousness of agni, the fire of the intellect, it becomes the fuel for this fire. You can think of this as that which  can be experienced or consumed which nurtures, nourishes and enriches us.
Soma is complimentary to agni, fire, as it is watery, fluid, juicy  on a physical level this is essential for the health of joints, muscle, internal organs, circulation, the memory, creativity, without it these would all dry up.
This is of particular importance the further we proceed through life, as it is recognised that as time progresses our bodies gradually become warmer and begin to dry out, Therefore trying to maintain and promote this presence of soma is central to the perpetuation of good health.
This is easy to apply in daily life, such as paying attention to our diet, our type of physical activity and what we experience mentally. Soma is found in being present, experiencing and relaxing into what’s happening.
Our hobbies, interests and passions promote this as well as they are the things that leave us feeling positive, enriched and fulfilled.
Of course one of the primary ways we encounter Soma is through appropriate types of and amounts of rest.
We can bring it into our yoga practice, ensuring it it smooth, fluid, measured and guided by the breath. More vigorous and heating practices, the hot yogas,  which are popular in the modern “feel the burn”, ” no pain no gain” culture, will inevitably lead to accelerating this drying out the body and reducing soma.
Soma can be experienced through finding delight and contentment in life, via the feel of being fulfilled by your own being in this moment.  it is the pure delight in this magical moment.

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