Simple solutions

One of the revelations that someone may have about the practice of Yoga is it’s simplicity, both in practice and philosophy. We have grown up in a paradigm where things have to be complex, the reasons behind phenomena have to be complex, when they may actually be obvious and uncomplicated. Often this complexity is extolled […]

We are what we eat.

The deepening your yoga practice workshop is now fully booked and I’m very much looking forward to delivering it next weekend. The photo gives a tantalising glimpse of the lunch for the workshop, which my brother Derek is providing, all of which is grown with much care and love, organically in his garden. Yoga indicates […]

Ayurveda and Yoga, your own constitution and the three modes of nature.

The nature of studying with many international Yoga teachers, often means travel and journeys to coincide with where their schedule brings them. Thankfully I’ve always enjoyed this aspect of my continual broadening and deepening of yoga knowledge and have gotten to travel to some great locations over the years. This year has been no exception and […]

Barefoot revolutions and evolutions.

Over the years and especially with the practice of Yoga I’ve become more aware of anything that causes discomfort, this is a basic premise in Yoga, the movement from dukkha, discomfort to sukha, comfort.  I had noticed over recent years that even though I was usually wearing quality walking shoes, just how confining to my feet they felt. Since I was young […]

Finding your freedom.

One of the qualities of the yogi and yogini is their ability to lift themselves and others up. Just a few weeks ago in class, someone mentioned it was “blue Monday” which is apparently the statistically most depressing day of the year, where people find themselves stuck between the excesses of Christmas and the next […]